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A new venture…

I caught up with an old school mate I haven’t seen for 25 years or so and we talked about our current projects and what we’d been doing for all those years. Phil was an airline pilot for many years but his real passion is motorcycles and he now lives in the Southern Highlands and has started a motorcycle restoration business… Highlands Classics

Seems he has a need for a photographer to take group and individual shots of motorcyclists and their gear so we came up with a plan and now I am part of the Highlands Classics team. I have created a new website Dave’s Bike Photos to specifically promote bike photography and it will be interesting to see how this venture pans out. Stay tuned.


My late mate Ventry Lewis at the Retired Highway Patrol open day in September 2015. Ventry was a keen motorcyclist and owned some nice machines.




It’s not about the Gear… it’s all about the Vision.

Hi and welcome to my Photography Blog.

I’ve added the tagline “It’s not about the Gear… it’s all about the Vision” to my Blog. I must confess it’s a phrase coined by photographer David du Chemin who has written many books and articles on photography. When I first read that line it hit me like a stone… and it shaped my philosophy about photography.

I hope you enjoy some of my images and thoughts about my passion.

The Rock